How to choose the right size for your underwear.

Follow three simple rules while shopping for your underwear and improve your daily comfort with perfectly fitting underclothes.

Ideal underwear feels like a second skin and fits your body like a glove. But picking the right size can be tricky! What if you choose a size that is slightly too big, and your panties quickly transform into ‘grandma’s parachute’. Or perhaps the opposite occurs and the underwear turns out to be too small, cutting into your skin and making – a horror – visible marks under your jeans, and on your skin. That can cause skin-irritation, rash, allergic reaction, and lead to many serious health problems.

Unfortunately, ill-fitting underwear is all too common, especially if a woman’s body type doesn’t align with traditional sizes, but is somewhere in between. Many women are faced with the dilemma of settling for underwear that is too small or too big. 

In this article you will learn how to find your unique size and avoid spending money on another ill-fitting piece of wardrobe. So let’s dig in.


Signs of ill-fitting underwear

The ultimate problem for many body types is the issue of being between traditional sizes. Remember that any underwear that leaves a mark on your skin (even if it’s so soft you don’t feel it!) means that the size is too small.

On the other hand, any underwear that is rolling up under your clothes and doesn’t complement your skin perfectly, is considered too big.


Health risk of wearing too tight underclothes

The result of wearing undersized underwear can be dramatic. Underclothes that are too tight, especially panties made from plastic and synthetic fabrics, restrict your movement. Most importantly, they also raise body temperature, and limit air circulation, producing an environment that favors the growth of bacteria and yeasts. That can lead to many skin and health problems, with allergic reactions, rashes and skin irritations topping the list.


Different country, different sizing

The real struggle with choosing your underwear begins with the different measures being used in different regions of the world.

For example, in Europe, the equivalent of S, M, L is 36, 38, 40. While matching US & Canadian sizing is 6, 8, 10 and sizes 8, 10 and 12 in the UK.

The differing approaches to sizing creates a lot of confusion, and nobody wants to carry a conversion chart with them while shopping. And even with a chart there is no guarantee that you will find the right size for you.


Online shopping struggle

On top of that, the increasing popularity of online shopping doesn’t make this whole fitting process easier.

Often, people who are not sure of their size, struggle with the online order. As a result, they choose sizes too big, or too small, that later on have to be sent back, or simply thrown away.

This rising and disturbing trend, is a real threat to your budget, and the health of our Planet. Apart from the waste of resources, higher numbers of deliveries, and at the same time, returns, increase the production of carbon dioxide contributing to a progressive ecological disaster.


To avoid the problems listed above, choosing the right underwear size is crucial – for your health, comfort and self-esteem, for your family budget, and for our Planet.


So how to choose the right size for your underwear when you are in between sizes?

The answer is simpler than you might have expected. When your body type doesn’t match traditional sizing, or you are not sure of your size, instead of relying solely on the number on the label, focus on the quality of the product.


Follow these simple rules while searching for perfect underwear for your unique body type:

Rule 1: Choose stretchable materials

Stretchy fabrics, developed with the use of modern technology, such as 3D cutting-edges, is an answer to your ill-fitting underwear struggle. Flexible fabric can stretch between sizes, fitting perfectly to your unique body shape. No matter if you wear traditional S, M or L, or anything in between, those underwear garments come in one size and adjust to your shape.

No more red indentations on your skin, and no more skin irritations. This is the future of fashion. At Intimate Queen, we design our underwear collection using this advanced technology, and give you freedom of movement with adjustable, stretchable underwear.


Rule 2: Favor natural materials

Only natural, and plant-based fibre can guarantee anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties for your underwear. Breathable clothes, made from organically developed fabrics such as bio-washed cotton, help you maintain the natural pH of your skin and avoid skin irritations and further health problems. And that’s the case for all body types and sizes.

That is why, to keep you safe, at Intimate Queen we create our underwear collection using only plant-based fibre, and naturally developed fabrics. Our soft inserts are rich in vitamin properties, and are lab tested and certified, meeting high international standards.


Rule 3: Go for high quality not quantity

Timeless design and high quality is a value that will always win over the cheap fast-fashion substitutes. This is the value that will serve you for years to come. By choosing quality over quantity, you make a smart move towards improving your health, your comfort and self-esteem, your budget, and – our Planet. Choose wisely for a better future for yourself, and the next generations, with eco-responsible brands, like Intimate Queen