Written By - Gaurav Parab

Maternity lingerie shopping: A reliable guide to comfort bras & panties

Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster journey marked by numerous changes in your body. It is not uncommon for women to find themselves bidding farewell to their regular bras and underwear, grappling with fluctuating weight, discharge issues, and skin sensitivity. As your body grows, it becomes crucial to find yourself undergarments that are not only comfortable and of the right fit but also offer aids to intimate hygiene.

Fret not! Intimate Queen is here to help you navigate the exciting phase of maternity shopping and find the perfect blend of style, comfort, and sustainability.

Factors to consider when buying maternity lingerie

1. Size

Choosing the right size undergarments during pregnancy holds significant importance for expectant mothers. As your body undergoes dynamic changes, finding well-fitting lingerie becomes essential for your comfort and support. Issues such as discomfort, skin irritation, and even improper blood circulation stem from ill-fitted undergarments, potentially adding to the challenges.
The body-adaptive lingerie adapts to your new size every time you grow. The 4-way stretch technology helps undies & bras to adapt to your changing body. It will ensure you do not stress every trimester & also save you money.

2. Comfort

While shopping for innerwear, comfort is always at the top of your mind. Extreme skin sensitivity, backache, and general irritation are some issues a woman faces during pregnancy; however, wearing comfortable, body-adaptive, & breathable undies & bras can help you counter these issues. During pregnancy, comfortable lingerie means supportive and breathable undergarments. Body-adaptive options accommodate changing shape, while non-toxic, plant-based fabric ensures breathability and minimises irritation and odour.

3. Hygiene

The hormonal changes during this period can make your skin more sensitive, predisposing you to various skin conditions. Skin ailments such as contact dermatitis, characterised by redness, itching, and inflammation, can be triggered by the friction between synthetic fabrics and the skin, exacerbating discomfort. Moreover, the risk of developing yeast infections, including candidiasis, is heightened due to the elevated estrogen levels, leading to yeast growth in warm, moist environments.

Intimate Queen is the pioneer in crafting plant-based innerwear; our undergarments offer a diverse range of maternity lingerie made from plant-based materials such as lemons, corn, and yew trees. They ensure the comfort, support, & care needed during pregnancy.

4. Style

When selecting undergarments, it is essential to consider practical factors such as size, material, and comfort. However, buying styles that support your pregnancy journey is just as important. Women's underwear styles like hipsters and boyshorts support your body while giving you a hip lift. We believe that embracing your unique style through your undergarment choices can also add a sense of joy and make your pregnancy journey more delightful.

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Body-adaptive Lingerie

A less-discussed but profoundly significant issue pregnant women face is the scarcity of body-adaptive bras and underwear. Expecting mothers often purchase undergarments in multiple sizes to accommodate their ever-evolving bodies. At Intimate Queen, we recognise that this struggle is unnecessary. No one should invest their precious time and money in a continuous cycle of buying undergarments to match your changing figures.

Instead, we offer a range of lingerie thoughtfully designed to adapt to your body, regardless of how much it transforms during pregnancy. Our commitment to body-adaptive undergarments lets you embrace this beautiful journey with comfort, confidence, and the assurance that your lingerie will always fit perfectly.

Sustainable Lingerie

One last thing you should consider is that the undergarments you buy are environmentally friendly. Regular women's underwear is not recyclable like other clothing items. Every year, unused & leftover panties go into landfills, which, in turn, leads to more production & more pollution. However, buying sustainable undergarments will not only give great comfort and skin safety but will also ensure that it does not harm the environment.

We aim to provide high-quality premium undergarments made of leftover plant-based materials such as yew trees, lemon, and corn plants. We ensure minimal wastage and no usage of harmful chemicals. Our one-size body adaptive undergarments prevent you from buying and disposing of multiple bras and undies whenever your weight fluctuates. Intimate Queen Lingerie reduces the carbon footprint of our consumers and promotes sustainable body adaptive lingerie.

In a nutshell, as you embark on the journey of maternity shopping, prioritise comfort, skin safety, and style because a woman's body goes through several changes mentally and physically. Considering these factors before buying undergarments can add a lot of joy and comfort to your maternity journey while being an ecologically responsible consumer.